How to Apply Aadhar Card Online?

Aadhar Card Application online: Do you have aadhar card? Not yet? As per governament rules you all need aadhar card for any goverment procedure. Even you can use this as all in one document for any work. So, You search for seraching where can i apply aadhar card online? Don’t worry we have made this easy. In this article we provides the details about how to apply aadhar card online. If you have not yet applied for aadhar card, apply it today. Aadhar card may be all in one document for you to identify yourself anywhere in India for almost any purpose. You can find aadhar centers near you all over India and this totally free enrollment. Aadhar card application form could be obtained from aadhar enrolment centers. If you want to apply adhar card online then this is best website for your aadhar card application. Here We will provide the details on how to enrol aadhar card online?

How to Aadhar Card Online
Aadhar Card Application Form

Procedure to apply aadhar card online Registration

  1. To apply aadhar card online go to this link where you will find the appointment form aadhar card online.
  2. Fill out all the require details like, Your full name, Email address (which you regularly use) and phone number (which is primary number). Make sure that all the detail you filled here will be used further if you need to do any kind of amendment online and we would recommend to fill these details carefully otherwise you will face troubles before you can get the aadhar card.
  3. After filling the personal information go the next option and select the enrolment centre and the date and time of the appointment online.
  4. It is a mandatory for you to take visit one of the aadhar centres in order to register for the card irrespective of whether you obtain your form online or from an aadhar enrolment centre.

Be Careful While Visiting Aadhar Card Enrolment centre

  1. Make sure to take the required documents with you to the enrolment centre.
  2. Don’t forget to carry every necessary document along with so that it will easy for you to go through the process without hassle free.
  3. On the registration time, you need to provide require identify proof and address proof to verify your application.
  4. To prove your identity you could provide one of the 18 options listed in the website of UIDAI.
  5. To prove your address they allow you to provide one of the 33 options given by them.
  6. At the aadhar registration centre the officers will take your photograph, finger prints and an iris scan.
  7. Since these scans are unique for everyone, they are mandatory for Unique Identification Authority of India (UDAI).
  8. Once you done this require process, please verify again all the details you fill by you in order to make sure that they are correct.

After complete all the procedure of online aadhar card application, you need to wait for your aadhar number to come by post. Your aadhar card will come in two or three months.

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